Hi there!

My name is Lyly Greca, Vietnamese by heritage and Italian by marriage.

I live in Melbourne with my husband Rob, we have 2 beautiful children named Aaliyah Tianna and Miguel Francesco, and I like Singapore Slings.

When I was 13 years of age, instead of planning my next outfit or party – I mapped out my future. I had a clear vision of what I wanted and when I wanted to achieve them.

I set out to get my first job as soon as I was legally able to work, bought my first investment property by 18 and adding a new one annually. I was determined to be a valuable and good citizen, an invaluable employee and an all round good person.  By 25 I was able to tick 4 things off my wish list – a healthy property portfolio, qualified as a financial planner, earning 6 figures and spending 4 months experiencing Europe.

The next phase of my life sees me separating from my long term boyfriend of 7+ years, marrying my husband whom I call my rock and soul mate, starting our own Company and starting a family.

Like everyone, I work super hard, I make every minute of my days count, my family is my absolutely world and I love helping others.

My soul purpose for finally starting this blog is to share my knowledge, empowering others and create a knowledge source. A truly warm welcome to my blog!

Over the last few years, I received many questions; topics ranging from family to business and everything else in between. Questions like “do I have a strategy for everything I do”, “what is our Miei Fiori story”, “how do I juggle family, work and play”, “my top business tips”, “why I change our babies nappies that way”, “how I manage stress”, “what I pack in my baby travel bag”, “my view on urgent vs important tasks” and “how Rob and I maintain our love life” ……questions I thought would be great to share and create a conversation so we can all learn and grow together.

If you have questions you would like exploring, I would love to receive them.